Hey, it's me, Eric, I'm not gonna write this in some fake detached third-person way....I feel like it's best to be honest. It's just me working on this website at 2:30am on a Wednesday. I have been doing comedy since 2011 and I'm currently in St Louis but started in Carbondale, IL where I went to school (SIUC).  I try to stay busy writing and booking shows and stuff. I really do appreciate you taking the time to read/look/click anything on my site.

If you need my "OFFICIAL BIO" for some reason; check out the booking page. The rest of you don't need to bother with that though.  


Tulsa, OK to Nashville, TN - Nine Days on the Road 

Alright, now that I've slept and had a minute to reflect on the trip I just got home from. 

I left last Tuesday to head to Tulsa, OK for a show. I did all new stuff there and then stayed in a house on the wrong end of a remodel. No carpets, no thing. It was scary and weird but a good way to start the trip because literally everything since that night has been a huge improvement. We were originally supposed to stay in that house another night but I called the nicest guy in the world, Ben Vogt and he set us…

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Working Hard? Or Hardly Working? HAHAHAHA 

I have a nasty habit of doing half the work I'm capable of and convincing myself there is absolutely NOTHING ELSE I COULD BE DOING! I'll catch myself doing this when I should write and I decide a joke is "close enough" and I'll mess with it on stage (reasonable for a first draft), or when I need to start emailing bookers and shows and doing the tedious work of comedy. I find ways to not do that work by telling myself those dates too far out, who knows what is going to happen between now and then, yada…

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Bookings, Travel and the Inevitable Anxiety  

Something about leaving to new cities to do comedy with comics you haven't met before and bookers who you sent a video to is the most exciting thing in the world and also the most nerve wracking. On one hand, I get to go on a week long trip and see new places and eat new food and make new friends. On the other, I have a sincere worry (always) that I'll show up to a show and forget everything I've learned about stand up. I'm not talking just forgetting my jokes, I mean something like I show up and find out…Read more

Comedy is a Strange Business  

It's Wednesday. Next Tuesday I head out on the road through several shows across Iowa and into South Dakota and Nebraska. I have everything booked, some merch to take with me to sell and some couches lined up for my sleeping comfort. I really love it and am excited. It's also nerve wracking and weird because the world I'm trying to make for myself and live in is one that I have to make mistakes in before understanding the proper way to do things. I've accidentally annoyed bookers and friends, made people…Read more

This simple new website is up and it only took me a week to make it!  

Hello, everyone! 

I have a website now. It's not much to look at it but I think it works. I'm a minimalist so I say function over beauty...that's mostly because I don't know how to make things look nice. I go for clean and simple out of necessity. You wanna know why the site is grey and white? Cause those are the colors of the template I chose and yes, I tweaked them a bit, it's still very much what they gave me. When it comes to color, font and things of that nature I am truly an idiot. I don't understand…Read more


Previous events

Date Event Location
Contraceptive Comedy Shameless Grounds , St Louis, MO Shameless Grounds , St Louis, MO
TJ Leland presents Eric Brown TJ Leland, Pittsburg, KS TJ Leland, Pittsburg, KS
Comedy at Dubh Linn Irish Pub Dubh Linn Irish Pub , Duluth, MN Dubh Linn Irish Pub , Duluth, MN
Sisyphus Comedy - features Eric Brown Sisyphus Brewing , Minneapolis, MN Sisyphus Brewing , Minneapolis, MN
New Comic Book Day Day Block Brewing Company , Minneapolis, MN Day Block Brewing Company , Minneapolis, MN
Comedian Eric Brown live Nomad Music Lounge , Fayetteville, AR Nomad Music Lounge , Fayetteville, AR
Comedian Eric Brown live Infux Boaka Bar , Joplin, MO Infux Boaka Bar , Joplin, MO
Comedy Invasion #12 Tolly's Bar and Grill , Terre Haute, IN Tolly's Bar and Grill , Terre Haute, IN
Go Bananas Comedy Club Contest Go Banana's Comedy Club , Cincinatti, OH Go Banana's Comedy Club , Cincinatti, OH
Rocket Ship Comedy Alley Cat Lounge , Indianapolis, IN Alley Cat Lounge , Indianapolis, IN
Crawfordsville Comedy presents Eric Brown Barefoot Burger , Crawfordsville, IN Barefoot Burger , Crawfordsville, IN
Kaiju Comedy presents Eric Brown Kaiju , Louisville, KY Kaiju , Louisville, KY
Show Details TBA Bokeh Lounge , Evansville, IN Bokeh Lounge , Evansville, IN
Dru's Comedy Night w/ Eric Brown Dru's Bar, Memphis, TN Dru's Bar, Memphis, TN
Eric Brown Headlines Maggie Meyers Irish Pub , Huntsville, AL Maggie Meyers Irish Pub , Huntsville, AL
Pints and Punchlines Rose Music Hall , Columbia, MO Rose Music Hall , Columbia, MO
Tapcade presents Eric Brown Tapcade , Kansas City, MO Tapcade , Kansas City, MO
Lookout Lounge Presents Zach Pugh Lookout Lounge , Omaha, NE Lookout Lounge , Omaha, NE
Zoolarious presents Eric Brown Zoo Bar , Lincoln, Nebraska Zoo Bar , Lincoln, Nebraska
Headliner John Bush Wacko's Comedy Club , Sioux Falls, SD Wacko's Comedy Club , Sioux Falls, SD